A Vegan Christmas: 7 Delicious Holiday Recipes:)

Christmas is here! It’s time for good food, festive cheer & cosy celebrations with our loved ones:) If you’re still looking for last minute holiday recipes that are simple yet impressive, then you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of 7 Vegan recipes for a perfect Christmas menu:) There’s something here for everyone:) Happy Cooking & Merry Christmas everyone:)

1)VegNog – Vegan Eggnog (Eggless) with Coffee, Whiskey & Aquafaba
Category: Drink/Cocktail
Smooth. Silky. Creamy. Frothy. Delicious. This VegNog, aka. Vegan Eggnog (Eggless) is the perfect way to start your Christmas celebrations:)


2) Easy Vegan Cream Cheese Spread with Garlic & Fresh Herbs
Category: Dip/Spread/Appetizer
In pursuit of a cheesy dip for your chip? An addictively scrumptious spread for your bread? Good news! Your quest has ended:) This easy Vegan Cream Cheese Spread is a great appetizer & can be enjoyed with bread, pretzels, chips, crackers & fresh vegetables. The festive look makes it the perfect Christmas snack:)

6673D609-6663-4268-9104-BB0ADF5DE580 2

3) Vegan Avocado Spread with Basil & Truffle Oil
Category: Dip/Spread/Appetizer
One dip is just not enough! When it comes to snacks, we all love a little bit of this & a little bit of that:) This Christmas coloured Vegan Avocado Spread is fresh, creamy & zingy & is a worthy addition to your snack spread:) It can be made in 10 minutes or less & it tastes great with tortilla chips & all your other crispy crunchy delights:)

Cropped Original Size

4) Easy Vegan Bake: Roasted Vegetables in a Vegan White/Béchamel Sauce 
Category: Entrée; Main Course
Time for the main course! This simple yet impressive dish is bound to be a crowd favourite. Roasted veggies, creamy Béchamel Sauce, oven baked goodness. What’s not to love? The best part? This crowd pleasure is super easy to make! With just 20 minutes of prep time, this classic dish basically cooks itself to deliciousness:) The festive colours of red, white & green make it the perfect Christmas recipe:)


5) Masala Chai Infused Vegan Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip Brownies with a Nutty Chai Spiced Crumb
Category: Dessert
Time for the best part of the meal: Dessert! These winter inspired Vegan Brownies combine the comforting flavours of Pumpkin & Chocolate, with the beautiful aroma of Masala Chai & Spices. From kids to adults, this crunchy & decadent dessert will leave your guests impressed & craving for more:)


6) Vegan Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse, with Whiskey, Winter Spices, Fresh Raspberries & Hazelnuts
Category: Dessert
Who are we kidding? Christmas is all about sweet indulgence & one dessert is simply not enough! If you want to crank things up a notch & end the Christmas meal on a ‘high’ (pun intended!), then this dessert is perfect for you! This boozy Vegan Chocolate Mousse is the definition of decadence. Silky. Creamy. Intense. Scrumptious. Luxurious. Finger-licking, bowl-scraping deliciousness:)


7) Party Favour: Easy Vegan Cranberry Balsamic Jam with Mint & Chia Seeds
Category: Gift; Party Favour
What’s a party without a party favour? One of the best parts about being a host is surprising & delighting your guests with sweet treats & surprise giveaways at the end of the meal:) And this delicious festive themed Jam makes it the perfect Christmas present!  Sweet. Tangy. Nutty. Luscious. Minty Fresh. With this sweet giveaway, your guests can enjoy the Christmas spirit for days to come:)


And there you go! A perfect menu for a Vegan Christmas Celebration:) From cocktails & snacks, to desserts & giveaways, you’re all set! I hope these simple & delicious recipes will help you to share the festive cheer with your loved ones:) Happy Cooking & once again, Happy Holidays everyone:)


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