From Bean to Barista | Making Great Coffee with Vegan Milk at Home


Mood: Are you in COVID19 lockdown mode? Missing your daily coffee hit from that favourite coffee shop down the street? I know I am! I’ve been in self imposed home isolation for the past 10 days (in London) and making myself a nice hot cup of fresh coffee everyday has become a beloved daily routine to get me through this social distancing life!☕️ Here’s a glimpse of how I make delicious Café style coffee (I tried to make a Flat White in the video) at home using affordable equipment and simple ingredients:) I hope you enjoy the video! In the meanwhile, wash your hands, stay safe and stay home everyone:)

Recipe YouTube Video: This decision to make the video was super spontaneous and I filmed it while balancing the phone with one hand and making the coffee with the other hand! It’s rough around the edges but super fun! Check it out:)

Time: 10 Minutes
Serving Size: 2 cups
Category: Drink
Author: Animagus Eats

Ingredients & Equipment (not a sponsored post):
• Coffee beans (from Truth Coffee Cape Town)
• Barista Oat Milk (from Rude Health UK)
• Krups Coffee Grinder (20 GBP)
• Bialetti Moka Pot (22 GBP)
• Aerolatte Hand-Held Milk Frother (10 GBP)
• Anpro Milk Jug (8 GBP)

1. Grind the coffee beans into a fine espresso powder using a simple low-cost coffee or spice grinder (I used the divine coffee beans that I got from Truth Coffee Cape Town – a must visit Roastery and Café if you travel to South Africa). Store the unused beans and the ground coffee in an airtight container in the fridge to maintain freshness:)

2. Add hot water and the ground coffee to a Moka Pot (works better for making espresso that a French Press) and heat the pot on the gas hob until you have freshly brewed coffee:)

3. Heat up a little bit of Oat Milk (depending on how milky or frothy you like your coffee) and froth it up using a simple hand held frother. Oat milk creates the best froth, but a coconut milk beverage could work too. The milk must be hot enough to froth properly (approx. 1 min in the microwave). Frothing technique is quite important so make sure you angle it right (keep the silver ring immersed in the milk and slowly rotate in circles and then up and down while holding the jug at an angle) and be patient until the oat milk is nice and frothy:)

4. Pour the espresso into a small cup and fill it up halfway (or maybe a little more if you want it stronger). Slowly pour the steamed and frothy plant based milk into the cup (I use an affordable frothing jug to maximise expert pouring success). Make sure the froth goes into the cup in the end so create that nice café style taste and look:)

5. And voila! Your simple and affordable café style Flat White Coffee with Oat Milk is ready to be served:) #StayHome

* I’ve added very little milk and froth in the video because I was trying to make a Flat White. Adjust the milk/froth/coffee ratio based on your preference – add more milk for a nice Cappuccino:)

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