Food For Thought with Vegan Change Makers | Fashion Revolution Week Edition | Darya Gruzdeva (Ethical And Easy) | Vegan Fashion Blogger | Greece

This special Fashion Revolution Week 2019 edition showcases Darya Gruzdeva, the 23 year Vegan Instagram Blogger from Greece who is the face behind the sustainable and cruelty free fashion blog, Ethical And Easy! Her interview features practical vegan fashion and plant based lifestyle advice as well as beautiful photographs of her vintage, thrifted and stylish vegan clothes:)

Food For Thought with Vegan Change Makers | International Women’s Day Edition | Shasvathi Siva (Cowvathi) | Plant Based Entrepreneur | India

This special International Womens’ Day edition features Shasvathi Siva,  a strong female role model in the young but growing plant based industry in India. From starting as a friendly neighbourhood food blogger and vegan cheese maker to transforming into a successful plant based entrepreneur and the Founder of Cowvathi, a cow friendly food startup in India; her journey of change is a true inspiration:)

Food For Thought with Vegan Change Makers | Abhay Rangan (Goodmylk) | Plant Based Entrepreneur | India

The first post in the brand new ‘Food For Thought with Vegan Change Makers’ interview series features Abhay Rangan, the 22 year old Founder of Goodmylk, an exciting startup creating delicious plant based alternatives to dairy products in India:)