Easy Vegan Mango Banana Mousse/Nice Cream | 3 Minutes |3 Ingredients | Refined Sugar Free


Mood: I’m currently back home in Mumbai for a few weeks & by a stroke of serendipity, it happens to be Alphonso Mango season in India! Alphonso Mangoes are native to India & are ridiculously sweet, juicy & delicious. Seriously, these mangoes are my weakness, my addiction. I can eat them all day, everyday. Too bad they’re in season for only 3 months in a year! So obviously, I’m doing all I can to gorge on as many mangoes as humanly possible, before I have to head back to the lovely but sadly Alphonso-less Los Angeles. This Vegan Mango Banana Mousse Cream is one of the many avatars of my mango mania & it’s inspired by the beloved Indian Aam Ras, ie. Mango Juice/Nectar:) This fresh, healthy & refreshing dessert needs just 3 ingredients, is ready in 3 minutes & is 100% refined sugar free:) Sweet. Creamy. Healthy. Chilled. Delicious. Instant Happiness:) Nuff Said. Let the Mango Madness begin:)

Time: 3 Minutes
Serving Size: Approx. 2 cups
Category: Breakfast; Dessert
Author: Animagus Eats

• 1 cup Mangoes (chopped)
• 2 frozen chopped Bananas (approx. 1 cup)
• 2 tbsp Walnuts (chopped)*


1. Chop 2 medium sized bananas into bite sized chunks & freeze them overnight/8-10 hours. It’s important to ensure that the bananas are fully frozen, because the icy-ness will give the mousse a chilled & creamy texture:)

2. Add the frozen bananas & mangoes to a blender/food processor & blend the ingredients into a smooth & creamy mixture. Do a taste check (Taste. Tweak. Repeat.) & if you want a stronger mango flavour, then add more chopped mangoes, as per your preference:)

3. Pour the fruity cream into serving bowls/glasses & garnish the mousse with chopped walnuts. And voila! Your Vegan Mango Banana Mousse Cream is ready:) The mousse is best served chilled:) Bon Appétit:)

*You can add any toppings that you like:) I used Walnuts, but you can also use other types of nuts, fresh mint leaves, vegan chocolate chips, etc:)


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