The Story behind Animagus Eats

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Author: @paroma_

Who am I?
Hello! I’m Paroma & I’m the author of Animagus Eats. I’m a Ph.D. Management Student & Social Entrepreneurship Researcher by day & a Vegan Food Blogger by night. I’m originally from the vibrant city of Mumbai, India & currently, I live in London, the beautiful capital of the United Kingdom. I’ve also lived in the charming city of Copenhagen, Denmark & the beach paradise Los Angeles, California/USA. I’m an avid traveller with a wanderlust addiction & my global travel experiences have sparked my love for food & all things gastronomical.  But what inspired me towards the path of compassionate & cruelty free living, you ask? Having grown up with animals, I’ve always treasured them as wonderful, loving & loyal family members, with whom I’ve shared a truly magical connection. I grew up with the most wonderful older doggie sister, Dolly, & she taught me all about sibling love, given that I was an only child:) Today, I’m the proud older sibling to my doggie sister Hazel (photo below) & the doting pet parent to my kittie daughter, Jennifer (photo below). From an early age, my love for animals extended to all our furry & feathered friends & I decided to become a Vegetarian when I was 14 years old. Fast forward 13 years, I was a conscious & concerned 20-something young adult, who was constantly learning shocking new truths about the meat & dairy industry & I realised it was time to listen to my vocal conscience. I decided to go vegan in August 2017 & since then, I’ve been on an exciting culinary journey! Trying fun new recipes in the kitchen, taking well loved & comforting flavours & veganising them, & discovering a healthy, compassionate & peaceful lifestyle of eating, cooking & living:) I’m still learning & growing though. Taking steps small steps in different aspects of my life, trying to decipher complex ingredient labels (“Please tell me these delicious cookies are vegan?!”), sharing my thoughts, opinions & food with my friends & family. Learning what it truly means to be vegan. It’s been an incredible experience:)

What’s an Animagus?
Animagus (or Animagi) is a magical concept from Harry Potter (yes, I’m a Potterhead) & it truly resonates with me. For all the Muggles (non-magic folk) out there, an Animagus is a witch/wizard/person who can transform into an animal at will. It is a personal choice & a skill that must be learned & practiced with patience & dedication; much like veganism. I’m a self proclaimed Animagus. Animals are my alter ego; they are a part of me. The connection I feel with animals cannot be described in words. They have taught me the power of selfless love, unconditional loyalty & heartwarming friendship. They are smart, intelligent, caring, loving & empathic beings. From a loving dog & a sassy cat, to a gentle cow & an adorable duck; I believe that all animals are magical & they deserved to be loved & protected. So, what does all this have to do with a food blog? Well, if this compassionate philosophy is my canvas, then, cooking delicious vegan food is my art. My love for animals & my passion for cooking (err..and my devotion to Harry Potter) have come together as Animagus Eats:)


What can you expect from Animagus Eats?
Given that I’m the only Vegan Animagus in my family, I always try to create delicious vegan food that I can actually share & enjoy with my loved ones! It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience & I’d love to engage as many people as I can with my cruelty free lifestyle:) On this blog, you will find exciting, delicious & wholesome Vegan recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone! From salads & sandwiches, to cakes & curries, I love all kinds of foods & I hope you do too! Come, join me in my culinary journey, as I embark on vegan gastronomical adventures:)

My cooking style is quite free flowing & you will find that I encourage a lot of freedom in my recipes, in terms of quantities & ingredients. My cooking mantra is “Taste. Tweak. Repeat“. I usually have a mental image of what I want the dish to look like & taste like, & I improvise & adjust the recipe as I go along. I believe that this flexibility & intuition is the beauty of cooking. It allows you to express yourself creatively & discover yourself & who you are as a cook. So, I encourage you to embrace the spontaneity & be comfortable with trusting yourself during the cooking process. Use my recipes as a guide & trust your gut & most importantly, your tastebuds:)

Cooking is also quite an emotional adventure for me. My emotions & my cooking have a symbiotic relationship; one influences the other. When I cook, I am inspired by my thoughts, my experiences & my adventures around the world. Travel is a big part of my life & this curiosity to see the world often manifests itself in my cooking:) My food can be simple & exciting, healthy & indulgent, familiar & adventurous; all at the same time. There’s something here for everyone:) So, whether it’s a recipe for a fancy dinner party or comfort food for a Netflix marathon, I’m sure you can relate to my mood inspired food & I hope you will try the recipes yourself. I wish you an exciting adventure of self discovery & delicious creations! Share your food with me on FB or Instagram using #AnimagusEats & enjoy the home cooked goodness with your loved ones! #Excited

But wait! That’s not all:) Some food for thought to go along with all those delicious plant based recipes? Yes, please! Please check out the ‘Food For Thought’ section which features my interview series with Vegan Change Makers:) A fun and fascinating sneak peak into the thoughts and lives of some truly interesting people doing down right exciting things in the world of veganism! It seemed like the perfect way to bring together my passion for animal rights and a cruelty free lifestyle with my professional background in working with social entrepreneurs:) And who exactly is the interview series for, you ask? Come one, come all, I say! The vegan curious reader, the first time vegan, the vegan veteran, the aspiring plant based entrepreneur, the inspiration junkie; once again, there’s something for everyone! Happy Cooking & Happy Reading Everyone:)





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