Welcome to Animagus Eats!

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Who am I?
Hello! I’m Paroma & I’m the author of Animagus Eats. I’m a Social Innovation Consultant by day & a Vegan Home Chef by night. I’m originally from the vibrant city of Mumbai, India & currently, I live in sunny Los Angeles, California. Having grown up with animals, I’m an ardent animal lover & I’ve been a Vegetarian since I was 14 years old. I’m also a huge foodie & I basically love all things gastronomical. I recently decided to go vegan & since then, I’ve been on an exciting culinary journey! Trying fun new recipes in the kitchen, taking well loved & comforting flavours & veganizing them, & discovering a healthy, compassionate & peaceful lifestyle of eating, cooking & living:) I’m still learning & growing though. Taking steps small steps in different aspects of my life, trying to decipher complex ingredient labels (“Please tell me these delicious cookies are vegan?!”), sharing my thoughts, opinions & food with my friends & family. Learning what it truly means to be vegan. It’s been an incredible experience:)

What’s an Animagus?
Animagus (or Animagi) is a magical concept from Harry Potter (yes, I’m a Potterhead) & it truly resonates with me. For all the Muggles (non-magic folk) out there, an Animagus is a witch/wizard/person who can transform into an animal at will. It is a personal choice & a skill that must be learned & practiced with patience & dedication; much like veganism. I’m a self proclaimed Animagus. Animals are my alter ego; they are a part of me. The connection I feel with animals cannot be described in words. They have taught me the power of selfless love, unconditional loyalty & heartwarming friendship. They are smart, intelligent, caring, loving & empathic beings. From a loving dog & a sassy cat, to a gentle cow & an adorable duck; I believe that all animals are magical & they deserved to be loved & protected. So, what does all this have to do with a food blog? Well, if this compassionate philosophy is my canvas, then, cooking delicious vegan food is my art. My love for animals & my passion for cooking (err..and my devotion to Harry Potter) have come together as Animagus Eats:)

What can you expect from Animagus Eats?
Given that I’m the only Vegan Animagus in my family, I always try to create delicious vegan food that I can actually share & enjoy with my loved ones. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience & I’m on an exhilarating mission: “Breaking vegan food stereotypes, one delectable dish at a time“. On this blog, you will find exciting, delicious & wholesome Vegan recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone! From salads & sandwiches, to cakes & curries, I love all kinds of foods & I hope you do too! Come, join me in my culinary journey, as I embark on vegan gastronomical adventures:)

My cooking style is quite free flowing & you will find that I encourage a lot of freedom in my recipes, in terms of quantities & ingredients. My cooking mantra is “Taste. Tweak. Repeat“. I usually have a mental image of what I want the dish to look like & taste like, & I improvise & adjust the recipe as I go along. I believe that this flexibility & intuition is the beauty of cooking. It allows you to express yourself creatively & discover yourself & who you are as a cook. So, I encourage you to embrace the spontaneity & be comfortable with trusting yourself during the cooking process. Use my recipes as a guide & trust your gut & most importantly, your tastebuds:)

Cooking is also quite an emotional adventure for me. My emotions & my cooking have a symbiotic relationship; one influences the other. When I cook, I am inspired by my thoughts, my experiences & my adventures around the world. Travel is a big part of my life & this curiosity to see the world often manifests itself in my cooking:) My food can be simple & exciting, healthy & indulgent, familiar & adventurous; all at the same time. There’s something here for everyone:) So, whether it’s a recipe for a fancy dinner party or comfort food for a Netflix marathon, I’m sure you can relate to my mood inspired food & I hope you will try the recipes yourself. I wish you an exciting adventure of self discovery & delicious creations! Share your food with me on FB or Instagram using #AnimagusEats & enjoy the home cooked goodness with your loved ones! Happy Cooking:)




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