Animal Themed 2018 Calendar Giveaway – Winners Announced:)

2018 Calendar Giveaway
Animagus Eats turned 2 months old in January 2018 & it’s been an incredible experience so far! 2650+ recipe views by 1600+ people, from 75+ countries, across all continents:) Thank you for all the love & support so far:) It keeps me motivated to keep going:) As a big Thank You to all you wonderful people, I hosted a special Giveaway contest. And what’s the prize? These adorable movie themed 2018 calendar, featuring our furry friends:) This calendar has been made by the Plants & Animals Lovers Society (PALS), an incredible Animal Welfare NGO in Mumbai, & it is perfect for movie buffs & animal lovers:) A special thank you hug to my Doggie sister, Hazel, & my Kittie friends, Ayesha & Zorro, for being the perfect models for this photo shoot:)


272608C5-6834-461B-9337-E9DB15358FA5The Winners
A big thank you to everyone who participated in the contest:) Your support means a lot to me:) I wish I could send these wonderful calendars to all of you, but there can be only two winners;) So drumroll please…Congratulations to Manali Shah & Krislynn Gina Lobo for winning the Giveaway Lucky Draw! Manali, a 27 year old journalist & travel/literature/feminism enthusiast from Mumbai, is an aspiring vegan who’s slowly making the transition from vegetarianism & follows blogs like Animagus Eats to help her with the transition process:) Krislynn, a 27 year old customer service professional & freelance graphic designer who shuttles between Mumbai & Boston, is an absolute foodie & loves trying out new cuisines, including experimenting with vegan food:) Congratulations to these lovely ladies:)


Get yourself a PALS calendar:)
Aren’t these calendars adorable? They’re perfect for animal lovers & movie buffs:) And the best part is that they have been made by the Plants & Animals Lovers Society (PALS), an incredible Animal Welfare NGO in Mumbai. I have closely worked with this NGO for several years & I can personally vouch for the wonderful work they do for all our furry friends. The proceeds from the calendar sales go towards the welfare of stray animals in Mumbai. A cause that is very close to my heart:) If you would like to get one of these calendars for yourself & contribute to a good cause, then please get in touch with the PALS team🙂 You can also contact me on Facebook, Instagram or through the Contact page & I’ll be happy to help you out:) Happy 2018 everyone:)


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