5 Ways To Use Chia Seeds In Your Daily Vegan Diet


Chia, Chia, Totally Wanna Be Ya: Ok, I admit it, I’m obsessed with Chia Seeds! And why not? This plant based super food has some incredible health benefits and it’s ridiculously simple to incorporate this ingredient into your every day vegan recipes! Check out my video post below to learn about 5 Simple Ways to Use Chia Seeds in Your Daily Diet🙂

YouTube, Here I Come: I just launched my new YouTube channel so that I can create more interesting video content for all of you! Please (pretty please!) subscribe to the Animagus Eats YouTube Channel and be sure to turn on Post Notifications:) Thank you! Lots of plant based love to you:)

Chia Inspiration: Did my video ignite your curiosity about Chia Seeds? I certainly hope so! Check out these Vegan Chia Seed Recipes for some Delicious Chia Inspiration! Happy Eating:)



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