Nutty Dark Chocolate and Granola Vegan Energy Bites: 5 Ingredients, 15 Minutes, Healthy To-Go Snack Recipe

These delicious Nutty Dark Chocolate and Granola Vegan Energy Bites need just 5 Ingredients, are ready in 15 Minutes and are perfect for your healthy to-go snack pack:) A healthier, more affordable and eco friendly (avoid plastic packaged energy bars!) snack idea:) Fudgy. Nutty. Healthy. Chocolatey. Homemade Goodness:)

Chickpeas and Green Peas in a Creamy Vegan Curry Sauce: Easy 10-Minute Indian – Mediterranean Chana Recipe

This bowl of Chickpeas and Green Peas, in a Creamy Vegan Curry Sauce, is my go-to recipe for quick and easy deliciousness. Simple. Creamy. Fragrant. Scrumptious. Ready in 10 minutes! Remember, when you’re in a Hurry, it’s time to use the Curry;) A special Women’s Day recipe, dedicated to all us women/Chickpeeps;)

Peanut Butter, Jelly and Chocolate Chip Vegan Toastie Sandwich with Fresh Gooey Berries

This Peanut Butter, Jelly and Chocolate Chip Vegan Toastie Sandwich, with Fresh Gooey Berries, is the humble PBJ reinvented. Your tastebuds will explode when you bite into this crispy crunchy toastie and feel the hot and gooey berries and chocolate chips melt in your mouth:) Sweet. Salty. Crunchy. Creamy. Decadence:) 

Easy Vegan Mixed Berry and Banana Smoothie

Who needs packaged protein bars and store bought juices when you can make your own healthy snack at home? This plant powered and refined sugar free Vegan Mixed Berry and Banana Smoothie recipe is a delicious on-the-go breakfast/snack idea:) Pour it into a travel bottle, take it with you to work and in the process, reduce your plastic usage:) Fresh. Healthy. Eco Friendly. Delicious:)